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Європейського студентського форуму!


How to Get to Us

Hello, dear participant! Here we developed the Travel Guideline for you to assist you to get to us in 

the most convenient way. 

If you will have any questions, we will be glad to assist you, do

not hesitate to ask!

We advise you to use the following searching plane tickets systems: 


Transaero.comGeorgian Airways.

Just before you start, take a look at them ;) 

Don’t worry, when you arrive, our organizer will meet you. 

You will not have to find the place on your own.

We can also help you to arrange your internal tickets in case you arrive to another city.

If you need any help or advice, please write to us.

 What to bring:

  • Passport

  • Health insurance (including extreme sports travel insurance)

  • Camera, chargers

  • Swimming suit

  • Sneakers

  • Hiking shoes

  • Anti-mosquito spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Bath pack: towel, shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

  • Flip-flops

  • Rain-coat

  • Backpack for the wild nature

  • Warm clothes for the mountains: long trousers and hoodies/warm jacket

  • Clothes for Chornobyl (closed shoes, long sleeves jumper and long pants) so your body should be fully covered

  • Your personal medicine (if needed)

  • Costumes for thematic parties (you will be updated in advance)

  • Traditional clothes and food for the European Night

  • Your sense of humor and AEGEE spirit:)

Ukrainian prices are pretty cheap compared to the European ones. It is mostly caused by the current currency rate: 1 euro = 27-28 hryvnias (UAH). Therefore, it is not too expensive to live, eat and have fun in Ukraine.

Talking about the lodging, you can book a hostel for 90-120 UAH per day (approximately 4-4,5 euros). As for hotels, they are more expensive: depending on the district the hotel is situated in and conditions, you will pay from 200 to 600 UAH (7-21 euros) per day.


What is really cheap in Ukraine is the public transport. The cheapest options are trolley busses, busses and trams: one ticket costs 3 UAH (10 euro cents). Marshrutkas (private busses) are slightly more expensive (4-6 UAH - 15-20 cents), but their routes cover destinations which often can not be reached by bus, tram or trolleybus. Metro token costs 4 UAH.

[img src="http://aegee.kiev.ua/upload/redactor/%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%B6%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%BD%D1%8F%20(2).jpg" alt="" >

Ukrainian taxi would cost from 1 euro depending on the route. However, 1 euro (around 30 UAH) is the minimal price: if you order a taxi to get to the hostel from the club, be ready to pay up to 50-70 UAH (2-3 euros). If you, for example, order a taxi in Kyiv to the Zhulyany/Kyiv airport (IEV), situated in the city, it will cost around 100 UAH (up to 4 euros). The way to the Boryspil (KBP) airport will be more expensive as it is outside the city: depending on the place you order a taxi from, it may cost from 150 to 250 UAH (5-9 euros). Warning: Ukrainian taxi drivers are likely to put higher prices for foreigners! So it would be probably better for you to order a taxi together with locals or at least ask them to help with ordering it, or use the mobile app, Uklon Taxi.

As for food and drinks, Ukrainian fast foods, restaurants, supermarkets and street food and drinks points offer various options for cheap and not very cheap lunch or dinner. To start with the cheapest: you may buy a bun and a bottle of yoghurt in a supermarket for around 20 UAH - 70 cents. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC are pretty cheap too - cheeseburger would cost you 20 UAH as well, for 60-70 UAH (2-3 euros) you can take a McMenu and for 50-60 UAH (2-2,5 euros) you can eat a KFC chicken. Fortunately, Ukrainians have an alternative: you can visit a restaurant called Puzata Khata (Пузата Хата), which offers traditional Ukrainian food for pretty fair prices. For example, you can get a good lunch there, including borshch (beet soup), varenyky (dumplings) or Kyiv chicken (one of the most famous food in Kyiv), add something to drink and you’ll pay around 50-60 UAH for it.

If you’re fond of other kinds of food, you might try to order pizza - it can cost from 60 to 200 UAH (2-7 euros), depending on size and filling. Among popular and not too expensive pizza places, you might choose Mamamia, Celentano Pizza, Dominos or Mafia. As for sushi (in case you prefer them), you can order a set from 200 to 500 UAH (7-18 euros), which can be up to 2,5 kilos. Good places to try them - Sushiya, Casta or Eurasia. Mind that in Eurasia they have “happy hours” when you get two of any items you order. For more information you can look their website or ask locals.

As for drinks, first and foremost you have to try street coffee, in which Kyiv is famous. If you’ve ever been here, you should’ve noticed big pink snails driving around or just standing at the streets. These are big coffee machines and they make not only usual espresso or latte, but also different kinds of fancy coffee with cream, syrups and toppings. You can get coffee for 10-30 UAH (0,3-1 euro). 10-12 UAH would be espresso or americano. Up to 30 UAH is different kinds of unusual coffee and you may ask a guy making coffee for the fanciest one. Maximal size you can get there is 0,5L.

0,5L bottle of water would cost you up to 10 UAH. But depending on a place you may find it for cheaper prices. Mind that little shops in the streets or next to the metro stations are the most expensive. So if you can, better look for a supermarket where you can get 1,5L bottle of water for 7-8 UAH. Such supermarkets may be Сільпо (Silpo), (ЭКО) EKO Market, АТБ (ATB), ФОРА (FORA) or Novus. You can get a 1L bottle or pack of juice for around 20 UAH. 0,5L bottle of Cola may cost up to 10 UAH, 1L bottle - up to 20 UAH. Ice-cream costs from 6 to 20 UAH. Then again, try to buy them in supermarkets and not in small street shops or points - otherwise you’ll pay 25 UAH for an ice-cream you could buy for 12 UAH in the supermarket.

What's the most interesting part is alcohol. In supermarket you can buy it for quite cheap prices: for example, 0,5L beer would cost 10-20 UAH. If you decide to take Oetinger or Guinness - take 50-60 UAH: import alcohol is way more expensive (though Ukrainian beer is quite good and costs fairly). But if you take alcohol in the bar, club or restaurant, it will cost more. For example, beer would cost 20 UAH and more. Shot of vodka - 20-30 UAH. Cocktails will cost from 35-45 UAH for shot up to 90-100 for long. Cigarettes would be 15-25 UAH for pack.

That’s the information we found for you to inform about main prices. If you have any additional requests, please ask organizers and they will gladly help.