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FAQ about the SU by AEGEE-Kyiv:

1. Is it safe in Kyiv now?

Yes, it is. If anyone is worrying about the safety of the cities which we are going to visit, we have to tell you that all the military actions take place far in the East of Ukraine. You can feel safe in the capital, especially thanks to new patrol service that is working on the streets of Kyiv 24/7. 2 000 police officers will take care of your safety, will help if needed, and answer your questions.

Kyiv is a generally open and friendly city and stays lively till at least 11 pm in most districts. You will be safe here if you follow common rules of behavior which are similar in all big cities! Robberies and scams on tourists are fairly common in Kyiv. The best approach is to be extremely attentive and ignore anyone who approaches you. Take care of your pockets and bags!

In the subway, always keep your wallets and purses securely zipped and as close to your skin as possible. Thieves may be highly organized.

2. Do I need a visa? And passport?

Here is a list of countries in which you can figure out whether you need a visa or not.

For the EU citizens the ID card is not enough to get to Ukraine, you need to have the international passport. On the border you will get a stamp in it.

3. What are the prices in Kyiv? (in progress - to check!)

We prepared for you the detailed information in the Travel Tips section.

If you have additional questions about prices, please ask organizers.

4. What about the internet?

The Wi-Fi is working in hostels and most of cafes and restaurants. Here is  Kyiv free Wi-Fi map (cafe  etc.); it is in Ukrainian but you can see it on the map. But if you need the internet more often and you want to have a Ukrainian phone number, you can buy the Ukrainian SIM-card and get the 3G internet. It will cost you around 1 euro and will be very helpful :) You can buy SIM-cards in supermarket, little shops near the bus station, underground and at the official offices. They are sold without any additional documents, and there is no need to provide a copy of ID etc.  We advise you to choose “lifecell” but you can buy any you want. Except of the internet, “lifecell” provides you free calls among the same mobile operators :) The best benefit out of it is that you can use 3G Internet and be always connected.

5.  Is smoking and drinking allowed?

Drinking alcohol and smoking in public places is forbidden.

6. What is the weather like in Kyiv?

The average high temperature for August is between 15 and 24 °C. The rain is possible during the time we will have our event. You should monitor weather forecast before the visit and bring both light and warm clothes.

7. What are the types of public transport?  How much they cost?

  • subway - 4 UAH ( 0,14 EUR) per trip;

  • bus, tram, trolley, cableway - 3,00 UAH (0,11 EUR)  per trip;

  • Mini bus (marshrutka) - 4-10 UAH (0.14-0.36 EUR), there sometimes you need to order the stop yourself.

Subway and municipal transport works from 6 am to 12 am and is much cheaper than a taxi (be aware that taxi drivers will surely increase the price for foreign passengers).

Unfortunately we don’t have night public transport yet. So after metro closes usually about the midnight you need to order taxi.

As you can see, the public transport is cheep, so do not do as this boy on the picture:

8. How to call the taxi? What’s the normal price?

The easiest way to do so is to go toUklon.com.uaand order online or (even easier) ask organizer.

The price varies depending on the distance. The average price is about 60-80 UAH (2.14-2.86 EUR).

If you want to leave the group for some important reason please alway warn  the organisers about that. We really care about you.

9. Do people speak English?

Not all people here know English. If you need to ask someone, you should speak to young people, most of whom understand the language, or policemen. But it does not mean older people will not understand you; it is just a lower possibility.

10. Is tap water drinkable?

No. Avoid drinking water from the tap, You can buy some drinking water in the shop, it will surely save your health. Some people prefer sparkling water others like still water, in case you are a fan of the latter one you’d better say ‘negazovana’ while buying yourself a beverage in Ukrainian shops.

11. When do supermarkets close?

Most of the big supermarkets are opened 24/7. There are lots of ATMs outside.

12. Any recommended place to eat in the capital?

In general, it is not so expensive to eat in Kyiv, comparing to the EU prices. There are differences in prices of restaurants depending on where they are located - in city center, they are more expensive. It doesn't apply to network fast-foods such as a McDonalds, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McFoxy and others.

But if you're sick of fast food and want to try some traditional Ukrainian food you'd better visit these restaurants in the city center, but not only:

1. "Пузата Xaтa'' (Pyzata Hata)


Baseina St.,1/2  

Khreschatyk St.,15/4

2. “Вареничная Катюша” (Varenyichnaya Katyusha)

[img src="http://aegee.kiev.ua/upload/redactor/UGjUQ9QUCHI.jpg" alt="" >

V.Vasilkivska St.,38

Khreschatyk St.,29/1  

Volodymyrska St.,51/53

3. “Здоровенькі Були” (Zdorovenki Buly)

Liuteranska St.,3

There you can taste some traditional dishes:


Borshch (typical kind of red soup based on beetroot) or Varenyky (kind of dumplings)  and much more. We have some special drinks that you will not find in most of countries: Kvas (non-alcoholic drink made of fermented bread), compote (drink made of boiled fruits and berries) and Uzvar (dried fruits solutions).

But! Be careful with street food, we do not advise you to buy it unless the organizer is sure about this concrete place.