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Європейського студентського форуму!

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Travelling Summer University - Sports

Lviv -> Carpathian Mountains -> Kyiv -> Chornobyl -> Odessa

Aug 5th - Aug 19th


30 participants

The secret traditional Ukrainian recipe that combines 2 important ingredients such as sportive activities and adventures mixed with discovering of local traditions, cooked at the Ukrainian nature and decorated with team building and intercultural exchange.

Our ideal participant:

  • If you are:

    • passionate about adventures as Indiana Jones,

    • active and unstoppable as Arnold Schwarzenegger,

    • fit and charming as Jennifer Lopez,

    • ready to discover new places as Christopher Columbus,

    • positive and funny as Jim Carrey,

    • smart and cool as Mr and Mrs Smith,

    • brave and persistent as James Bond,

    • witty and reckless as Jack Sparrow,

    • crazy about solving mysteries as Sherlock Holmes,

    • dreaming about the career of Bear Grylls...

...then for sure you will be superhero of our Summertime Madness Event!


  • Sport:

    • an 800m solo parachute jump (optional)

    • paintball

    • hiking

    • rafting

    • climbing

    • swimming (in a swimming pool, a mountain river and the Black Sea)

    • yoga, stretching

    • massage workshop

    • sauna

    • a night in the wild (sleeping in tents)

  • Culture:

    • Ukrainian language workshop

    • Ukrainian cuisine workshop

    • Ukrainian dancing workshop

    • Ukrainian singing workshop

    • Chornobyl tour (optional) at the exclusion zone: power station, Pripyat "dead city", "Red Forest" and other abandoned and exciting places.

  • General:

    • exciting city tours in every city

    • ice-breaking games, teambuilding

    • European Night

    • parties

    • pub crawl

  • Educative workshops:

    • AEGEE Intro

    • First Aid

    • International language

    • Civic Education

    • Intercultural Exchange

P.S. Also expect some extra activities that we prepared for you as a surprise :)

On the official SU website: http://www.projects.aegee.org/suct/su2016/show.php?su_id=KYI1

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/testyouruadrenaline/?fref=ts