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Січень - місяць головних організаторів Зимника - Даші Белінської та Юлії Чопенко

28 січня 2017

Winter holidays had already passed and we hope all of you had a good rest. But there are two girls who worked a lot in December and January for AEGEE-Kyїv and our foreign friends. The main organizers of NYE: Capital Cities #3, Kyiv part - Daria Bielinska and Юлия Чопенко are our #memberofthemonth. Lets know a bit more about them ;)

1. She is never afraid of challenges, thinks that (she thinks) it's never too late to start a new career or move to another country.
2. Her motto is - You can never win, you can never loose if you don't take a chance and don't feed the muse.
3. She is very greedy for knowledge.
4. One of her biggest dreams - to visit Morocco.
5. She never gets tired of dancing. She can dance kizomba, bachata and salsa.

1.She believes in power of human connections, especially when you stay with person who thinks in the same way.
2. She had already been to 19 European countries and finally this year she crossed the border of Asia. 
3. She loves adrenaline. That’s why she jumped with a parachute and rafted at storm in the mountain river. Soon she is going to try kite surfing as every year she tries something new. 
4 She has lend millions for companies for more than a year, but didn`t save so much yet.
5. AEGEE people like to sing the songs with her name. It’s because Yulia is very popular in the world and there are lots of songs with it.