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Member of the month (February) - Artem Yarmak

02 травня 2017

We have announced the Member of February at our epic AEGEE-Kyiv Early Twenties Party, it was Artem Yarmak! We have just found out more about our #memberofthemonth:
1) In 2013, he traveled all around the Crimean peninsula from Dzhankoy to Kerch on a scooter (2065 km);
2) He has 5 bicycles for different styles of riding;
3) He loves sports… 
4) …and an active lifestyle; 
5) He is quick off the mark - if someone calls in the middle of the night and offers to go swimming in the river, he does not hesitate; 
6) He can’t imagine a life without music and parties;
7) His favorite time of the year is autumn; 
8) He loves receiving large doses of adrenaline, that is why he goes in for skydiving, motorcycling, and hiking;
9) He always tries to learn more than he already does;
10) He never chooses easy ways and simple things.

Artem is smart and active, be like Artem :)