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Грудень став місяцем Анастасії Коломієць

14 грудня 2016

It's time to announce #memberofthemonthNovember: our beloved ex-president Anastasia Kolomiiets
Here are 10 things you need to know about her:
1. She is a PhD student of Philosophy
2. She learned to bike only 2 years ago 
3. Went skating fist time during the NYE in Utrecht
4. Broke all her plans and went to Thailand for 2 months
5. Can sell enything to anyone
6. Has a strange tradition called "whiskey Wednesday"
7. Totally loves ALCO CULT project
8. Organized a SU in 2015 which get 6th place in the rating of the year
9. Loves milk and chocolate
10. Visited 21 countries