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FunAnce FormAction FAFA #1 Kyiv

European status
Beginning 24 березня 2017
Ending 26 березня 2017
Cost 25 евро

You like money and you seem to prefer saving and counting them more than spending. You admire order and structured work. You are the person who wants to connect own career with finances and don’t know from which steps to start. 
If at least one point connected to your interests and goals for personal development you must to send application to participate in our event!
The best a nd the The Fun-Ancest bodies will come and give lecturers during this event. Audit Commission - AEGEE EuropeAEGEE Events Quality Assurance Committee - EQAC, and Financial dDirector of AEGEE / European Students' Forum will develop special sessions and workshops to show you that work money and projects is really Fun-Ancial and can give pleasure and amazing skills. 

To cut a long story short, after this event you will:
- get knowledge and survive the financial reports
- know how to make budget correctly and not to lose money
- learn how to manage finances correctly in projects work
- see opportunities in AEGEE-Europe and your locals for personal development

28.01.2017 - 12.02.2017 

FEE = 25 €

Audit Commission - AEGEE Europe
AEGEE Events Quality Assurance Committee - EQAC

INTRANET: http://www.intranet.aegee.org/event/view/125/18793
GOOGLE FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/UHPDAGREqNbhYR9i2