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The visa-making process is easier if you join international cultural exchanges with AEGEE.

After the confirmation of your attendance in international event (e.g. Summer University) ask for the official invitation letter from the organizers, which will be the main proof document of the aim, food provision and place of lodging during your future trip. 

As soon as possible contact with organizers of the event and inform them that you need a visa and don't forget to check the list of documents which you'll need to bring to the embassy. Especially check the form of the invitation letter and what exactly needed to be mentioned there.

Make the appointment in embassy approximately in 3 weeks before the trip (if you want to avoid spending extra money in Visa Centre) and don't forget that it takes time to make an procedures - so calculate the time before the flight carefully. For the further information check the web-site of the embassy.

 According to the Article 6 of Facilitation Agreement (Official Journal of the European UnionL 332 of 18.12.2007) fees for processing the visa application are waived for the following categories of persons:

(h) Persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities including university and other exchange programs.

So in your application form please mention the aim of the trip as "Culture" if you want to get your visa for free.

Also AEGEE-Kyiv can give you the support letter which you can get from secretary Viktoriia Leonenko (secretary@aegee.kiev.ua). Don't forget to take your AEGEE Membership Card and make a copy it for for the embassy.

IN CASE of being rejected or any other problems related to getting visa for any AEGEE-event please write to board@aegee.kiev.ua. Please specify type of the event, your steps to get the visa and reason(s) of being rejected. We will do everything possible for you to get the visa.