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  • Months of Europe
    Months of Europe
    "Months of Europe with AEGEE-Kyiv" - a new and remarkable project which aims to introduce you different traditions and peculiarities of the different European countries. This 3 event per month, that represent a single country, its culture are encouraged by its residents and organized active AEGEE-Kyiv member&by the advice friends from different locals.
  • Yvote 2014
    Yvote 2014
    Y Vote 2014 is European wide youth-friendly campaign, which is designed BY young people FOR young people. It is not supporting any political party. We want to bring young people closer to the European Elections 2014 and to encourage them to be active! The project consists of many different parts, such as youth conventions, bus tours, training events and local activities throughout Europe. Furthermore, a special Voting Guide for young people is being developed that will be accessible online. For more information about each of these topics, please visit the relevant pages on the site and make sure you visit the site regularly to follow all updates.
  • Health4Youth
    The Health4Youth project is a project that tackles the topic of ensuring a healthy lifestyle. This project will bring healthy living closer to students all over Europe with easy little steps. With a team full of creativity the ideas ranging from a YouTube cooking channel to an AEGEE Cookbook, as well as implementing a healthy approach in Summer Universities as well as conferences, seminars and more.
  • Europe in Exchange
    Europe in Exchange
    Through the activities of AEGEE locals, the project team aims to increase the number of destinations and possibilities for mobility in universities inside and outside the current Erasmus zone, and lobbies in universities for implementing easier procedures and more clear guidelines for applying for mobility programs and respect the Erasmus Student Charter. Moreover, on the European level, Europe in Exchange lobbies for an adequate structure and funding of the mobility programs, including countries outside of the current Erasmus area.
  • EuroArab
    The purpose of the project is to establish relationships between European and Arab youth, while implementing the main aims of AEGEE in a broader sense: striving for creating an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow and fostering democracy, human rights, tolerance and cross border cooperation. Current political developments and a democratic transition in various Middle Eastern and North African countries is just one of the current issues that add relevance to this initiative. The geographic focus is made up of the European countries where AEGEE locals are present, and Arab countries: Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi – Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.
  • Youth unEmployment Project
    Youth unEmployment Project
    Under the framework of the Youth Employment Action Consortium, AEGEE launched the Youth unEmployment (YuE) project in 2010, aiming to help young people aged between 18 and 30 to increase their employability. Nowadays students often have to face a trade-off between their academic and non-academic commitment. They contribute to the society as volunteers and by getting involved in workshops, following the foundations of non-formal education. Unfortunately, their work often remains unrecognised by their university and their future employers. The Youth UnEmployment project wants to tackle these problems by implementing a series of activities that will help young people increase their employability and will lobby for the recognition of voluntary work and non-formal education as work experience.
  • German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange "If I Were in Your Shoes"
    German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange "If I Were in Your Shoes"
    The local branches of AEGEE (European Youth Forum) AEGEE-Berlin and AEGEE-Kyiv are pleased to announce an open call for participants to take part in the German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange "If I Were in Your Shoes"