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  • How to become a member?
    Firstly, you should register on AEGEE-Kyiv site by pressing "Become a member" button and filling all necessary information. Automatically, you will be subcribed to AEGEE-Kyiv mailing list. After this step you need to pass the Quiz about AEGEE (please read the Members Manual - http://www.projects.aegee.org/suct/files/MembersManual2009.pdf) and visit our meeting for the newcomers. Then you can pay the fee and became a member of the AEGEE. You can also find information about Meeting in News section on our site or from the mailing list. HR-responsile would find answer on all your further questions. To contact HR-responsible just send a mail to: hr@aegee.kiev.ua
  • What does acronym "AEGEE" mean?
    AEGEE is the acronym for the Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe (French) which means European students forum
  • What kind of project Summer University is?
    A Summer University is usually a two-week event organized by an AEGEE local where between 20 and 60 students come together from all over Europe. Summer Universities are organized by students for students. The activities carried out during a Summer University range from academic activities as classes to learn a foreign language, different courses on technical themes to multicultural activities: get familiar with Finnish culture, Spanish history, Greek mythology; learn how to sail or tracking or etc. Each year around 90 Summer Universities take place all over Europe, with around 2500 students from more than a 30 European countries; from Spain to Moldova, and from Finland to Malta.
  • If I have graduated from the university and I'm not a student now is it possible to be member of AEGEE?
    Yes. All young active people from 18 to 35 years can become AEGEE members.
  • How can I help in activity of AEGEE Kyiv?
    If you want to be an active member of AEGEE Kyiv you need to join any Working Group(Events,FR,PR,HR,IT)and to be active in it. Every WG has their own meeting where they decide what they will do and they can help AEGEE. Also you need to come to every social(we have socials every 2 weeks with different activities). If you want to make your own project you can just contact with board of AEGEE Kyiv and they will help you to make you project real!
  • Could I travel somewhere abroad? If there are some international events where could I find them?
    There are a lot of possibilities to take part in international events. They are all listed on the web-site of AEGEE-Europe( WWW.AEGEE.ORG ) in the bookmark EVENTS.
  • If I become a member of AEGEE-Kyiv, can I also be active on the European level?
    Of course! You can join one of the European Working Groups(Cultural, International Politics, Education, Human Rights, IT, Visa Freedom Fighters , Dance, PR, Environmental, Babigosa and the Academy). You may also help with the producing and publishing the AEGEE-Europe's publications("Key to Europe", News Bulletin", "One Europe" and "AEGEE Gazette"). After spending some time in AEGEE and getting to know stuff about it, you'll get a good chance of joining a European Commission(Audit, Network, Juridical or Members), the Liason Office, the SU Coordination team, the Chair Team or even the CD(Comite Directeur-the team who run the whole AEGEE organization). You can also attend European statutory events(AGORA-the general meeting of all antennas twice a year to discuss AEGEE matters and vote; EBM- a so-called mini-AGORA held once a year, although without the votting; and a great variety of conferences, going on all the year round). So it's all up to you :)
  • Why should I join AEGEE?
    Firstly, you'll get a great experience in organizing events, PR, Fund Raising, managing unpredicted situations, which is all bound to come in handy in your future life and career( you can also add such experience to your CV). Secondly, you'll get the chance to see Europe from the inside by visiting a great lot of counrties. And last but not the least, you'll make a lot of new friends from all over Europe, so fun is guaranteed ;)
  • I really want to join, but I'm not that good at English, is it a problem?
    Well, English and French are the official AEGEE languages, still inside our AEGEE-Kyiv local we speak Ukrainian or Russian, so you won't have problems here. But, of course, if you wish to participate in an SU or any external event you'll need at least the basic "survival" English to enjoy youself there(you can trust me, it's no fun not understanding what the organizers or the group at large are saying to you). So my suggestion would be to try and improve your English and not to miss the change to practise it in AEGEE!)
  • How can I be familiarized with AEGEE-Kyiv Statute?
  • How often do you organize the meetings for newcomers and fee-payment?
    Once per month usually, but keep in touch and follow the mailing list – we announce it there approximately in 1 week before the meeting.
  • How do you spend a fee from the members?
    The fee is spreading between the payment to AEGEE-Europe office and local needs of organization.
  • How can I have a membership card? Why I need it?
    If you are member of our organization you can receive it from HR-responsible on meetings for newcomers. Please, bring the 2x3 photo for it. You will need this card on registering for international events of organization and during the visa-receiving process in the embassies.
  • Do the members of AEGEE receive the money for their work and organizing the events?
    No, all the work in AEGEE is voluntary and made by motivated youth.
  • What does it mean AEGEE-board?
    Board - 9 experienced members, who are control and observe the work process of organization in Kyiv. Elected once per year during the Local Agora – main gathering event in antenna.
  • Is the AEGEE travel agency?
    No, we are volunteering youth organization and we are not arranging any tourist vouchers or tours.