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  • Master-class "Light and Shadow in portraiture" Master-class "Light and Shadow in portraiture"
    Local event
    Start 18 May 2017
    End 18 May 2017
    You think to go to a workshop to learn how to paint with light? How important do you think the light in the photo? What can be used as a light source?
    Local event
    Start 13 May 2017
    End 14 May 2017
    Application deadline 10 May 2017
    Fee 100 грн
    The ability to learn more about AEGEE, the capabilities and structure of events and their types, ways of personal development within the organization.
  • Rope park & ​​BICYCLE & Shashlik Rope park & ​​BICYCLE & Shashlik
    Local event
    Start 07 May 2017
    End 07 May 2017
    You were waiting for this event? This time we have prepared you a crazy weekend with AEGEE-Kyiv.
  • Europe on Track: Kyiv Part Europe on Track: Kyiv Part
    European event
    Start 28 April 2017
    End 30 April 2017
    Participants Europe on Track - Jorge from Spain, Iceland and Ruth with Dima from Russia - a month travel through Europe, and one of their first stops will Kyiv! Already this Thursday we will welcome them !!!
  • Fresh Meet Fresh Meet
    Local event
    Start 23 April 2017
    End 23 April 2017
    You have some time watching the AEGEE and our activity in Kiev? Want to go on a cord and have lots of good friends in Europe?
  • FunAnce FormAction FAFA #1 Kyiv FunAnce FormAction FAFA #1 Kyiv
    European event
    Start 24 March 2017
    End 26 March 2017
    Fee 25 евро
    You like money and you seem to prefer saving and counting them more than spending. You admire order and structured work. You are the person who wants to connect own career with finances and don’t know from which steps to start.
  • AEGEE-Kyiv Early 20's AEGEE-Kyiv Early 20's
    Local event
    Start 17 February 2017
    End 18 February 2017
    22 years ago was founded one of the most colorful locales - AEGEE-Kyiv.