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About AEGEE Kyiv

AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe; it is represented by 13.000 students, active in 209 academic cities, in 40 countries all around Europe, 

which presents amazing culture variety. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are based on voluntarily work of its members. 

AEGEE-Kyiv is the most active local in Eastern Europe, which has about 200 members and continuously gathers more. We are involved in exchange, Summer Universities, seminars and other European events of the organization, and we also organize local and European events by ourselves.

AEGEE-Kyiv officially founded in 1995. Today we organized more than 200 international and local events that we have created a name serious and responsible student organizations, and we belong to 10 most active locals of AEGEE-Europe.

AEGEE-Kyiv is not the oldest in Ukraine, but the most active and numerous!

You can find information about our events and our projects in the section of the website and if you have any questions, please go to "Contacts" session.