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Березень - місяць Лізи Сідельнікової

Ліза Сідельнікова
Ліза Сідельнікова
April had already started but who was our the most active #memberofthemonth in March? It is Ліза Сідельникова (Liza Sidelnikova)!!! Here are 10 facts about this cute AEGEE-Kyiv girl :
1) Extremetes meet. Love companies as well as calm walks with Rakhmaninov and Bach in earphones.
2) Interested in arts, especially in theatre and music.
3)Currently getting a degree in sociology ar Kyiv-Mohyla academy.
4) I asked a friend to tell a fact about me and he said
-fact 1 : HAHA
-fact 2 : AHAHAHAH(louder)
-fact 3: AHAHAHAHA(Liza is falling on the floor and dies)
5) I try to be ecofriendly, for instance, gather bottles and paper to recycle.
6) Spontaneous. I may go to shop to buy a carton of milk and come back home with my hair cut.
7) Truly love playing the piano even after finishing music school.
8) Usually make my neighbors angry while singing.
9) I was a member of local theatre and ALWAYS played only negative parts.
10) Unbearable optimist ( however sometimes make my comrades cry because of some critical statements i give).